Company staff - scouts, agents and intermediaries - are carrying out their activities not only in Russia, but also in other countries. Nowadays our company cooperates with either Russian or foreign footballers and the number of clients is expanding.

Ultimate Sports’ hallmark is focus on development. After signing with Ultimate Sports every player gets a unique opportunity for progressing as a footballer. Our clients regularly get match reports, analysis and personal recommendations.

Our team

Marat Khinchagov

Managing Partner

Alan Mamukaev

Chief Representative

Atsamaz Takoev

Head of the Communications Dep.

Georgy Tskhovrebov

Head of the Scout dep.

Liza Sheroziia

Head of the Coord. Center

Ilya Eleev


Muraz Sturki

Representative (Russia, CIS, Middle East)

Hetag Khinchagov


Nizam Gavisov

Representative (Russia, CIS)